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This is the flagship of Rencah. I’m a proud Malaccan and I love cincalok 

  • Spicy and rich condiment, full of umami from cincalok with a tangy balance from the belimbing buluh. Sweetness from caramelized onions.. 
  • Goes well with rice and noodles. Over fried fish or even use it to fry rice or noodles.

Cincalok – An ingredients originated from Malacca, Malaysia. Mainly consumed by the Malays, Peranakans and Kristang community. It is made from fermented small shrimps locally known as “geragau”.  Cincalok can be served as a condiment together with shallots, lime and chilies. Or used for cooking. It is used in several Nyonya cuisine dishes.

Belimbing Buluh – A tropical fruit native to Malaysia and Indonesia.  It is extremely acidic therefore not consumed as fresh fruit by itself. But it’s a great ingredient for flavoring dishes if you need something acidic. Here in Malaysia a popular dish using belimbing buluh is “sambal hitam.”

Ini adalah perkara utama dalam Rencah. Saya bangga menjadi warga Melaka dan saya sangat suka dengan cincalok. 

  • Penuh dengan rasa "umami" daripada cincalok dengan sedikit masam daripada tambahan buah belimbing buluh dan manis yang datang dari bawang yang telah di karamelisasi. 
  • Sesuai untuk digunakan bersama nasi dan juga mee. Rencah juga digunakan untuk menggoreng ikan, menggoreng nasi dan juga mee.

Product Description

  • Nett weight - 230g
  • Allergen information: This product contains shellfish, nuts

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